Tropical Foods in stock at Harvey’s Aquatics for all your tropical fish food and nutrition requirements.

We stock:

  • Tetramin Flack
  • Tetra Prima
  • Cichlid Sticks
  • Aquarium Flack
  • King British Tropical Fish Flake (with IHB)
  • Catfish Pellets
  • Wafers
  • Freeze dried Daphnia
  • Bloodworm tubifex
  • Frozen food Bloodworm
  • Daphnia
  • Artemia
  • Discus food

Freshwater Ponds

We stock around 12 varieties of freshwater fish and lots of accessories like pond pumps and filters as well as feeds and everything you will need read more

At Harvey’s we stock a huge selection of Aquarium Cold Water fish, Orandas and Fantails as well as the more unusual and all the accessories you will ever need read more

Harvey’s stock a range of Tropical varieties of fish like Guppies, Neons and Tetra’s and we also stock more unusual varieties along with feeds, accessories and lots more  read more

Jenny - Sedgley

" First visit to Harvey's Aquatics, didn't know they were there tucked away!!! Fantastic help, very friendly and helped me choose some plants for my pond.  I'll definitely be back again. Cheers Dave 🙂 "

Lauren - Wednesbury

" Dave is really friendly, lovely shop great service, really reasonably priced, took my 3 and 4 year old boys with me who loved Harvey and Theo. Have already recommended to my Aunty who is going to pop in, and would definitely recommend to others too "

Adrian Oldfield

"Gave me all the info and help to get my tank set up ready for me going back the weekend to buy the 1st of our fish. So much of a better experience than going to the bigger chain shops, has a great selection of fish and equipment 100% recommended 👍🏼"

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